LOTTA Supermarket- Pop Up

LOTTA Supermarket- Pop Up
LOTTA, move your business!

26 octubre 2011

Yohi&Olivia vuelve a la carga!!

Las divertidas bufandas de Yohi&Olivia contratacan!!!

Kid Rabbit Scarf
I like jumping, carrots and funny people


My name is Foxy,

I came down from the mountains to be your friend.

Kid Elephant Scarf
My name is Mali

I come from the African savannah

It is my first time in town

I would like to make new friends to enjoy the city

Kid Dog Scarf

My name is Robby,

I like to walk in the park and meet new friends!

Qué animal os gusta mas???
Los podéis ver y tocar en LOTTA

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