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LOTTA Supermarket- Pop Up
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15 septiembre 2010

¿Qué hay más bonito que soñar?

"AN AWESOME BOOK!" es un libro precioso!!! 

Simplemente nos quiere recordar lo importante y bonito que es soñar, dejar volar la imaginación y la fantasía en un mundo, por desgracia, demasiado materialista y consumista.

Dallas Clayton makes me smile. Often, very often. He doesn’t make me laugh, he makes me smile. The reason is his project An Awesome Book and the idea behind it. I smiled everytime I saw another page of his book. Why? Because it is the nicest, the most beautiful thing I’ve seen for a loooong time.


Dallas Clayton presents himself like this:

“This is all you need to know to understand what goes on here :
I try to make things that are beautiful.
Sometimes these things are written down.
Sometimes they are drawn.
Sometimes they are wrapped and plastic and sold in important stores
for more money than they cost to manufacture.
I love making most things.
I am most interested in making people happy.
I have a son who is six years old.
I enjoy making him happy most of all.
I would like to do this more and more every day forever.
This is why I write for children.
When I am not writing for children I am writing for adults and the
companies adults run, drawing pictures for those adults, and reading things out loud to crowds of strangers.
I love strangers.”

Lo tenemos en LOTTA en edición limitada!!

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